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Have you been diagnosed with cancer or another serious medical condition after being exposed to Roundup Weedkiller?  Find out how much Roundup cancer claim compensation you can get in Dallas, TX.


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Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Interested In The Top Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer Reviews in Dallas? Are you looking for information about Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer Consultation Dallas?  Is it important for you to get the right details about Roundup Lawsuit Payout in Dallas, TX?  Our sole goal is to achieve the best possible Dallas Roundup cancer compensation for you and your family...

Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer Consultation Dallas

What Legal Action Can You Take For Roundup cancer Claims in Dallas?   If you or a loved one was exposed to Roundup Weedkiller and were later diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma or other serious medical conditions, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

Next question; so how do you go about finding the lawyer who will fight for you and your case? Is there a simple and no fuss method to help you narrow down that legal firm and/or individual lawyer?

The biggest problem is that currently there is no cure for non hodgkin lymphoma, the kind of cancer exposure to Roundup may cause. This stops people thinking rationally when considering any Roundup cancer claims Dallas as they face potentially unstable financial times ahead. However, with an experienced Roundup litigation lawyer Dallas at your side, you can then rest a little easier and focus on the immediate - your health!

A highly-knowledgeable lawyer will work on your Dallas Roundup compensation settlement while you undergo treatments. By now, if you have been diagnosed, you are finding out that treatments are prohibitively expensive. Worse still, many health insurance companies do not cover any costs associated with these treatments. You could say that it’s criminal to say the least.

Avoid Mistakes Finding A Trial Roundup Lawsuit Attorney in Dallas

The answer is simple really ... Lack of relevant and timely Roundup Lawsuit legal firm reviews!

With our trusted panel of legal experts they are ready, willing and able to investigate to learn the truth behind your diagnosis. We want justice for you and your family.

Your diagnosis doesn’t just affect you but your entire family too. We know that this can be a difficult road, but we make it our goal to provide you with the support you rightly deserve.

Get The Compensation That You Rightly Deserve!

If you recently have been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, then you need to schedule a Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer Consultation in Dallas without delay.

We know that no two Fresno Roundup Cancer lawsuits are the same, and we operate with that understanding in mind.

Our expert lawyer panel reviews each case individually, looking for any option/angle available to be used to gain the upper hand. We work for justice, working hard to get you the most compensation possible.

Learn How Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer Reviews Dallas, TX Can Help You Now!

We have highly qualified panel of legal experts, all with proven track records in winning claims in this complex field. They are ready, willing and able to assist you with your Dallas Roundup cancer claim.

You will find that our legal team is compassionate and caring. They understand you may not have the clarity to think about the full ramifications of your diagnosis.

However they do!

Roundup Cancer Attorney Free Consultation Dallas

With recent Roundup Weedkiller cancer lawsuits, a highly-reputable lawyer can also file a wrongful death lawsuit or turn claims into a trust fund. You’ll be compensated for not only those expensive out-of-pocket costs but also the pain and suffering and income loss that comes with this diagnosis.

It really doesn’t matter what route you decide to go, the expert Roundup cancer claims attorneys in Dallas you hire will work hard to make the entire legal process as stress-free as possible. You need to focus on your health, not litigation and/or court proceedings.

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Ready to get the Compensation You Deserve for your Roundup Lawsuit in Dallas, TX?

How To Make That Right Choice About Dallas Roundup Lawsuit Lawyers...

Our legal specialists have made it their mission to gain compensation for victims by holding the manufacturers of Roundup Weedkiller responsible. They need to be held accountable and to compensate you for their lack of action. We feel you have every right to file a medical reimbursement claim and to get any kind of financial assistance you can and need.

When it comes to locating a specialist Lawyer in this complex and challenging field of law - One of the biggest challenges people have is finding them easily, quickly and with minimum fuss with Roundup Cancer Attorney Reviews in Dallas, TX.

Most people avoid hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit because of the costs tied to it. And, for people who have this horrible cancer the idea of hiring and paying an Dallas Roundup cancer claims lawyer plus their personal and ongoing medical expenses can be daunting. However, we work with our partners on a contingency basis.

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How do I Get Started With Your Roundup Lawsuit in Dallas?


How to Get Started With Your Roundup Lawsuit


For individuals who are suffering due to their exposure to  Roundup Weedkiller or Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup), the prospect of suing a huge company like Monsanto is intimidating. Monsanto is a huge company, owned by an even bigger company, Bayer AG, with enormous legal resources.


But we’ve already seen two separate verdicts in which juries ruled that Roundup causes non-Hodgkin lymphoma, so we know these companies aren’t invincible. Still, legal proceedings are serious matters, and before you commit to pursuing a lawsuit, there are a few things you can do to help make your case go as well as possible.


Be honest and objective about your case


While the lawyer you consult with will certainly ask you detailed and personal questions to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, you should use a serious and objective eye to examine your own case before even speaking with an attorney.


How thoroughly can you connect your use of Roundup to your health status? How much documentation do you have, whether medical, employment or financial records? In Roundup cases, to have the best chance of winning in court, you personally must have used or otherwise been exposed to Roundup.

Set broad goals for the lawsuit


The news lately isn’t looking great for Monsanto or Bayer, as the lawsuits and verdicts in favor of plaintiffs are starting to pile up. But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. It’s best to moderate your expectations, particularly in the early phases of a case.


If you decide to proceed with a lawsuit, your attorneys will help you determine the damages that will be sought at trial, based on your specific experience and their expertise in such cases. You should try not to have a specific dollar amount in your mind. Instead, broaden out your goals to getting justice for yourself and others sickened by Roundup.


Assess your financial situation


Even before factoring in the cost of an attorney, you should know exactly how you will pay for regular expenses incurred both before and during the trial and, if applicable, appeals after the trial is over. Financing your day-to-day life may require making specific arrangements, which could include selling your home or taking out a loan against your 401k.


Does your financial situation permit you to be involved in a potentially monthslong court proceeding? If not, what arrangements can you make to cover day-to-day costs? In the event a verdict goes in your favor, the case would almost certainly be appealed, so it could take months or even years for you to recover the damages you’re due.


Have a thick skin


Anybody being sued is likely to treat the person suing them as an enemy. It’s one thing to be on the receiving end of this when the dispute is with a neighbor over a property line. It’s something else altogether when the party on the other end is a major corporation with a questionable past like Monsanto.


Prepare yourself for Monsanto’s attorneys to dig deep into your life. The stakes of Roundup cancer lawsuits are incredibly high, and the company will use all of its resources to find reasons to discredit you with the jury and the public. If it proceeds to trial, it’s likely your case will last several months at least to come to a completion. During this time, you may see disparaging remarks about yourself or your family in the media, which is something all potential plaintiffs should prepare themselves to deal with.


Find an attorney


Once you’ve prepared yourself and gathered all the documents you know you’ll need, it’s time to find an attorney. You should speak with more than one lawyer in your area before you settle on a single lawyer or law firm. Check out their past cases and determine if you feel they have the expertise in Roundup lawsuits to be able to adequately handle your case.

Many factors will play into which attorney you want to represent you, but make sure you feel comfortable with the person or firm, as they will become your advocate in this case and you’ll be spending a lot of time with them over the course of your lawsuit.


Roundup Lawsuit Attorneys in San Diego, CA

What is Roundup Weed Killer? Who Makes It?


Ever since agriculture was began thousands of years ago, farmers have had to do battle with weeds. For farmers, weeds are much worse than an eye sore. In addition to plant disease and bugs, weeds can damage crops and destroy harvests. Weeds cause problems in the fields because they rob water, sun and nutrients from the crops that farmers want to grow.

To help farmers protect their crops from many weeds, Monsanto offers a variety of weed killing solutions. Roundup Weed Killer by Monsanto is the most popular herbicide sold in the United States. All Roundup Weed & Grass Killer products have the same active ingredient – glyphosate. This ingredient targets an enzyme that is found in plants but is not in pets or people, according to company claims.

Farmers and homeowners have been using Roundup and other products that contain glyphosate for more than four decades to protect their crops.


Monsanto Claims About Glyphosate


Monsanto states on its corporate website that glyphosate has been a major breakthrough for farming. It says that not only do glyphosate products work well on weeds; they also assist farmers to grow crops in a more sustainable way.

For instance, Monsanto states that glyphosate has assisted farmers to adopt what is known as ‘conservation tillage.’ This is where farmers can till less soil and drive tractors less. That is why farmers can reduce the erosion of soil and carbon emissions, which helps the environment. It is estimated that conservation tillage can actually reduce the erosion of soil by as much as 90%. In 2014, this resulted in reduced carbon emissions by an amount equal to taking nearly two million cars off our roads.

Monsanto states that glyphosate is just one tool in the toolbox of farmers to tamp down and kill weeds. Most farmers will let you know there is no one magic bullet to stop weeds. In fact, if a farmer begins to relay too much on a single tool, no matter how well it works, the weeds can even become resistant to the tool over time. To avoid and manage weeds that are resistant to chemicals, farmers use many tools and practices in a concerted effort. Monsanto reports that it works with industry stakeholders, university researchers and others to offer farmers with advice on how to combine different practices and tools.

Monsanto adds on its site that like all pesticides, glyphosate is regularly reviewed by various regulatory authorities to ensure that it is safe. In the US that is the EPA. Monsanto claims that EPA’s process is comprehensive and is based upon modern science.


How Roundup Works


According to the company website, after you apply Roundup to weeds, glyphosate works through the plant down to the root and eventually kills it. The company warns that glyphosate is unable to discriminate between unwanted weeds and wanted plants, so you should use care that the Roundup does not touch any plants that you want to keep.

The company website states that after Roundup is applied, people and pets can go back to the area where it was applied. For most Roundup products, this will take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. But it depends upon the climate, product and weather. For the gel version of the product, it can take approximately two hours. Once the plant has been dried, rain will not wash off the Roundup.

Monsanto states that most Roundup products deliver results in a few hours. But some can take a bit longer than that. For Max Control 365, it can take 12 hours to actually see the results.


What Monsanto Says About Negative Glyphosate Reports


According to a Monsanto report, there is abundant data that demonstrates the low human health risk associated with glyphosate. So, it is important to consider the adverse health effects reported that are associated with the chemical. Allegations about harms that glyphosate cause often get more attention than the reports that indicate a low overall risk to human health.

Monsanto claims that reports that the chemical disrupts the endocrine system, accumulates in milk, leads to kidney disease and disrupts gut bacteria have been circulating through the media for years.

Monsanto also says there are claims that surfactants used in herbicides with glyphosate is more harmful than initially thought. But by looking at each claim, the company says it is possible to understand that none of the reports are based upon reliable science (this statement is strongly contested by many experts).

The company says one of the most concerning allegations about glyphosate is the one by the International Agency for Research on Cancer that classified the chemical as a probable carcinogen in 2015. This conclusion, the company claims, stands in contrast to every other regulatory agency or authoritative body that has reviewed the chemical.


In 2015, the IARC brought together a panel to review the active ingredient glyphosate. Based upon the partial review it did of published literature, IARC classified glyphosate as most likely a human carcinogen class 2A. The finding was in contrast to regular reviews of the chemical and concerns were raised that the reviews had actually overstated the chemical’s hazard. Monsanto claims that IARC’s monograph does not show any new research or data and it is not really a study in the traditional sense. The body did not assemble a report or consider new data on the hazard of exposure or risk of the chemical.


All key studies that were considered by IARC have been reviewed in the past by other regulatory agencies. After IARC’s announcement, regulators in the EU, Canada and Japan stated that glyphosate is actually not a carcinogen. Monsanto claims that IARC failed to consider the total weight of the scientific evidence that is available for this chemical. Monsanto argues that complete consideration of the entire dataset as done by regulators around the world, supports overwhelmingly conclusions of safety and lack of the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate.





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